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Pepsi Pour




Introducing Pepsi's entry into the bar scene with a pop-up bar featuring unique Pepsi-inspired cocktails using their new line of Pepsi cocktail mixers. The pop-up bar will showcase Pepsi's versatility as a mixer and introduce Pepsi to a new demographic. Perfect for those looking for a refreshing twist on classic cocktails.


Ages 25-45


Pepsi will be making entry to the bar space by releasing a line of cocktail mixers as well as a week-long pop up bar that will take place in various cities across the United States.

Smirnoff Invaded

Smirnoff x Aliens


Smirnoff has taken action to protect the planet, introducing “Smirnoff Invaded”, 3 Brand new altered flavors to satisfy the taste buds of the extraterrestrials.  With live parties at local bars and restaurants throughout New Jersey.

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Welcome to the Pepsi Pour Lounge, where modern rustic meets sleek sophistication. The design features dark wood elements and a mix of rustic and modern decor to create a unique atmosphere that embodies the Pepsi brand. The dark wood brings warmth and texture, while the sleek and modern touches create a sense of energy and excitement. Come enjoy your favorite Pepsi beverage in style in the Pepsi Pour Lounge.

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Introducing the Pepsi Cocktail Mixer Line, the perfect addition to any bar. Our line of four flavors, including Cherry Crush, Ginger Zest, Blueberry Blush, and Watermelon Mint, is designed to bring a new and exciting twist to classic cocktails. With the aim of introducing Pepsi to the bar space, the mixers are a unique way to bring the refreshing taste of Pepsi to your favorite cocktails. Elevate your drink game with the Pepsi Cocktail Mixer Line.



Pepsi is excited to announce our upcoming social campaign, aimed at introducing and exciting consumers about our new Cocktail Mixer Line. Through our campaign, we will showcase the versatility of Pepsi in creating unique and refreshing cocktails, using our four delicious flavors - Cherry Crush, Ginger Zest, Blueberry Blush, and Watermelon Mint. Our campaign will feature cocktail recipes, user-generated content, and influencer partnerships, encouraging consumers to experiment and get creative with our mixers. Join the conversation and elevate your cocktail game with Pepsi.

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Introducing the Pepsi Cocktail Menu, designed exclusively for the Pepsi Pop Up Bar event. Our menu features four unique cocktails, each named after our four mixer flavors - Cherry Crush, Ginger Zest, Blueberry Bliss, and Watermelon Mint. Each cocktail is crafted to provide a unique taste and experience, with the Pepsi mixer adding a refreshing twist to classic cocktails. Come and try our signature creations and discover the endless possibilities of the Pepsi Cocktail Mixer Line.

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